Tips for Choosing a Wheelchair

Skimping on a wheelchair may result in a person getting one which is not safe enough or which may not have the right features. So, while budget is a consideration, it is important that the wheelchair meets the needs of the user. For instance, a person who needs help to get in and out of a wheelchair will probably need one that comes with detachable armrests. These allow him to be eased in and out of the wheelchair comfortably. A wheelchair that meets the needs of a person will give him mobility and independence. A poor fitting wheelchair, on the other hand, could become a torment, causing pain where chafes this skin. If it does not give adequate support, the user may end up hunched, so that his chest is constricted and he has trouble breathing properly.

People who have trouble sitting upright without help or those with skeletal deformitis should consult an occupational therapist before buying a wheelchair. The therapist may be able to help the person change his posture. If this cannot be corrected, she could recommend special supports to help the wheelchair user feel more comfortable. For instance, some stroke patients who are paralysed on one side find it difficult to rest the affected limb on the armrest of the wheelchair as the limb may get caught in the wheel. Fitting their wheelchairs with arm and lap tray can prevent this from happening.